Cruise along the river Tagus on a route that can vary between 2 hours, 4 or up to 8 hours depending on your preference.

From Lisbon to Cascais, a whole day sailing, sightseeing one of the most beautiful bays in the world, passing by all the magnificent beaches of the Estoril line. A course that can last all day preferentially starting in the morning.

On board our boat you can have the opportunity to sail, as well as know the basics of sailing with Lisbon around you. Cruises up to 4 hours.

The sunset from the river Tagus is something magical, share it with someone special in a romantic environment in a course of 2 hours.

Group spirit increases efficiency at work, and we can offer this development through the practice of sailing, a great way to work in groups. Teams up to 4 elements in 2 or 4 hour courses.

With a smooth cruise along the river Tagus in the late afternoon you can continue on board at the company you choose to spend a different night with breakfast included.

In the company of one more friend join a competitive and dynamic environment shared with an experienced team.

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